Hass (no other varieties available).

3 packaging types are available, all of them with the SIFRUT brand:

  • 4-kilo cardboard boxes, in pallets of 264 boxes each.
  • 6-kilo single-tray cardboard boxes, with trays, in pallets of 160 boxes each.
  • 25-pound (11.2 Kg) cardboard boxes, packed bulk or with double tray, in pallets of 80 boxes each.

Sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 available for 4-kilo boxes
Sizes 18, 20, 24, 30, and 35 available for 6-kilo boxes.
Sizes 40, 48, 60, 70, and 84 available for 25-pound boxes.

The main season begins in late August, and goes up to late April.
However, SIFRUT has ample supplies all year long. At the end of the season (after May), some darkening of the peel is always present, but the fruit is firm and keeps excellent shelf life.

Quality standards:

  • Weight:  Correct net weight/box at the time of arrival to market.
  • Fruit:  No stems out, hard, no diseases, no bruising, no mechanical damage.
  • Maturity:  23% dry matter as a minimum.
  • Sizing and shape:  Uniform and typical for the variety.
  • Precooling:  Forced air cooling, at 38-45ºF, depending on maturity.
  • Quality assurance:  QA system in place, controlling and recording all processes in the packinghouse. Full traceability system.